Instructional Designer at University of Limerick

Instructional Designer at University of Limerick (2023-Current)


I am currently working at the University of Limerick as part of the Brightspace VLE Project Team. I work closely with the Education and Health Sciences (EHS) faculty and my responsibilities include the folllowing:

  • I develop and implement effective online course materials and migrate content from other VLEs, Moodle and Sulis.
  • I provide one-to-one training and ongoing support to lecturers in utilising the Brightspace VLE, enhancing their digital teaching competencies.
  • I write “how-to” guides and produce instructional videos for the Brightspace Knowledgebase, which help lecturers accomplish their tasks using the VLE

I am enjoying the role immensely as it allows me to use and develop my Instructional Design skills and Teaching and Learning knowledge. It is very satisfying working with SMEs and lecturers to help them bring their content into the new system. The role is a contract until the end of April 2024, and once the project ends, I’ll be moving onto wherever the next opportunity brings me!

Skills + Tools

  • Instructional Design, Teaching and Learning, One-to-One Training, Virtual Learning Environments, Learning Management Systems, Video Editing, Technical Writing and Communication, Working With SMEs, Online Collaboration, Remote Working.
  • Brightspace VLE/LMS, Panopto Video, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Canva, Snagit Screen Capture, Camtasia Video.
Instructional Designer at University of Limerick