PG Certificate in Teaching and Learning

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (2022-2023)


I recently completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning at University College Cork.


  • TL6003: Theories of Teaching, Learning and Assessment This module will provide an overview of key theories of teaching, learning and assessment, and the development of a research lens for teaching practice.  Various models of curriculum design and development will be explored, as well as a range of modes and techniques of assessment. 
  • TL6004: Practice Approaches to Teaching, Learning and Assessment Participants will be introduced to student-centred approaches to teaching, learning and assessment, further  researching their teaching with a view to improving pedagogy.  Participants will be introduced to ways of analysing and critiquing a module they teach  and methods for  documenting and reviewing teaching and assessing student learning. Themes such as constructive alignment will be applied in a critical, and practice-based way.

Skills + Tools

  • Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design, Constructive Alignment, Presentation Skills, Video Editing, Written and Verbal Communication.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint, iMovie.


During the course, I recorded and edited video presentations to capture the FLAME laboratory teaching space and to discuss and summarise two readings from the Teaching and Learning reading material (see videos below!). Slides were created in PowerPoint and iMovie was used to create the video.

PG Certificate in Teaching and Learning
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